Friday, May 31, 2013

Victory Media Releases 2013 List of Top 100 Military Friendly Employers

Victory Media, founded by veterans in 2001, has released its 10th annual list of top 100 Military Friendly Employers. As a company dedicated to "producing world class resources for our nation’s most deserving population," the armed forces, Victory Media rates companies each year to streamline the employment process for veterans and other servicemen and women.

This year, the manufacturing and energy industries topped the list of Military Friendly Employers, taking up five of the top ten positions with companies like General Electric, CSX Corporation, and Southern Company.

These organizations have been recognized for their initiative to provide employment opportunities for our armed forces, and the success of their practices represents an even greater opportunity for major companies and trade associations to hire experienced, professional veterans to alleviate their skills shortage problems.

For more information on how to join these Military Friendly companies and the American Jobs for American Heroes campaign in helping unemployed National Guard members, veterans, and spouses find skilled jobs in the private sector, please visit the Center for America website today.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ohio House of Representatives Passes Bill to Help Veterans Obtain Employment

State legislators in Ohio responded to growing unemployment rates among veterans and members of the National Guard and Reserves by unanimously passing H.B. 98 last Wednesday.

The bill was cosponsored by Rep. Anne Gonzales (R-Westerville) and Rep. Wes Retherford (R-Hamilton), and gathered widespread support from both Democrats and Republicans after its introduction this March. Leaders in the House such as Rep. Brian Hill (R-Gainesville) applauded the bill's passage, announcing that "this bill comes at a great time when an industry such as shale development is looking for a well-trained and dedicated workforce. We want to welcome our veterans home and help them find employment."

H.B. 98 helps veterans apply for professional licenses in Ohio, a state where the military specialties taught by the Ohio National Guard directly relate to 47 of the 66 professional licenses offered. Additionally, the bill offers extensions of licenses to members of the National Guard whose licenses have expired while they were mobilized overseas.

The bill will now move to the Ohio Senate, where it is expected to pass easily. Members of the House continue to throw their support behind the bill, including Rep. Mark Romanchuk (R-Ontario), who stressed that the bill ensures that when "Ohio military veterans return home, they are not at a disadvantage in finding work."  "This is common sense legislation that permits returning heroes to re-enter the workforce without delay,” he said.

If you would like to help the servicemen and women in your community find employment, please visit the Center for America website to learn more about the American Jobs for American Heroes campaign.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Society for Human Resource Management: Veterans’ Employment

An article posted on the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) website this week discusses resources available to help HR departments hire members of the military.

In a section titled, "Resources addressing where to find qualified job candidates," the article mentions our campaign!

Read the full article here and see how our "free service enables employers to post jobs...for direct access by hundreds of state National Guard employment counselors who actively match job candidates with the employer’s job requirements."

Thanks, SHRM, for your support!

AJAH Video: Employers Gain Great Benefits form Hiring National Guard Members

Want to learn more about AJAH and how we're helping potential employers and employees connect?

Watch this great new video featuring:
  • Brigadier General Marianne Watson, National Guard
  • Larry Ziemba and Peter Terenzio, Phillips 66
  • Dave Tilstone, National Tooling and Machining Assn
  • Stacy Bayton and Erin Voirol, CASY-MSCCN
  • Ted Toth, Rosenberger-Toth Industries
  • Todd Young, Center for America

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

AJAH Featured in WIN Magazine Cover Story

WIN Magazine just published an excellent article about the National Guard and the AJAH campaign and we couldn't be more excited about it!

The article, authored by Larry Ziemba, executive vice president of Phillips 66 and chairman of the AJAH Campaign Advisory Council, explains the tremendous opportunities for employers in hiring Guard members.

The article is insightful and inspiring and we are very grateful to the American Association of Managing General Agents (AAMGA) for publishing this fantastic cover story for their 1.28 million readers.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Carl Levin: We have to take better care of our National Guard, Reserve

Carl Levin, The senior U.S. senator from Michigan
and the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
In an opinion piece posted today on The Times Herald website, Michigan Senator Carl Levin expresses the importance of caring for members of the US National Guard and Reserve forces and their families.

Levin explains the value of these civilian soldiers to the US military and raises concerns about several problems facing them today.

He notes that members of the National Guard and Reserve units often live far away from military bases and therefore struggle to get much-needed mental and physical heath services which are offered by the Defense Department.  He underscores this important point by referrencing recent testimony about the growing number of suicides in the National Guard and Reserves.

Importantly for our campaign, Levin also pointed to the high level of unemployment that plagues the civilian warrior community.

While in Michigan, Levin spoke to a National Research Summit on Reserve Component Families.  In his piece, he expressed gratitude for their efforts and the efforts of others to improve the lives of members of the National Guard and Reserve forces. 

Today, we are also grateful for their work and for the work of Senator Levin whose excellent op-ed is bringing awareness to a crucial issue.

Look for ways to get involved in finding jobs for heroes on the Center for America website.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Spotlight on Supporters: Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce

Check out the awesome sign hanging on the front of the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce building!  That's right - There we are, front and center!

Founded in 1911, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) is the state's chamber of commerce and largest business trade association representing more than 3,500 employers of every size and from every sector of the economy.

We are thrilled to have WMC's support through their great signage and their commitment to encouraging their members to post jobs on the Center for America site.

If you would like to join WMC and the many other state chambers that support AJAH, visit the Center for America site today.