Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's Easy to Promote the National Guard Job Posting Campaign

Nearly 700 employers all over the U.S. have registered to post jobs for thousands of unemployed National Guard members.  Job postings are plugged directly into the National Guard Employment Network in which hundreds of state National Guard employment counselors are working one-on-one with Guard members to match them with jobs.  All services to employers and candidates are free.
If you are a supporter of the American Jobs for American Heroes campaign, use one of these graphics and the sample text below to promote the campaign!
It’s easy: The graphics are sized to fit perfectly in your Facebook timeline.  You can download one or both by right-clicking on the graphic, and then choosing "Save as" or "Save Image".  Save it to a folder on your hard drive.

Sample Text For You to Post

Nearly 700 companies across America have registered to post jobs for unemployed National Guard members in this nonprofit campaign. Postings are flowing every week to state National Guard employment counselors who work one-on-one with Guard members needing jobs. Register on the campaign website - http://www.CenterForAmerica.org/pledge/ng/ajah_mm.html.
No costs to employers or applicants!
As always, thank you for your continued dedication and support to our nation's heroes!

If you are new to the American Jobs for American Heroes campaign, please take a look at our website or follow us on Twitter today! - @USJobs4USHeroes

Monday, June 24, 2013

How Military Friendly is Your City?

In a follow up to their list of top 100 Military Friendly Employers, Victory Media has released their list of the top 50 cities on the country for veterans.
The list ranks cities by the number of job openings at Military Friendly employers, the number of veteran-owned businesses, the cost of living, and unemployment rates. Out of the 381 cities examined by Victory Media, only 12.5% made their cut of top fifty.
Texas topped this year’s list with three cities in the top five: San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. San Antonio has 102 military friendly employers, 41 military friendly schools, and 663 veteran-owned businesses.
Other major cities that made the cut include Phoenix, Cincinnati, Washington, D.C., and Boston.
You can see the full list here.
To help your city make the top of the list and help connect unemployed National Guard members, veterans, and spouses with American employers, check out the American Jobs for American Heroes campaign at our website or follow us on Twitter today! - @USJobs4USHeroes

Friday, June 21, 2013

The American Fence Association and the National Wood Flooring Association Highlight American Jobs for American Heroes

Both the American Fence Association and the National Wood Flooring Association included feature stories in their trade magazines this May supporting the American Jobs for American Heroes campaign.
Hardwood Floors has been the official magazine of the National Wood Flooring Association since its first publication in 1988. It serves as an excellent educational tool for flooring industry and is essential to businesses and professionals across the country. The association represents all facets of the hardwood flooring industry, from manufacturers and distributors to retailers and installers.
Fencepost Magazine has been the official publication of the American Fence Association since 1988. The association has more than 900 members and 30 chapters in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and 18 other countries around the world, representing over 8,500 employers and employees in the fence, deck, and railing industry. The AFA promotes peer-to-peer networking and industry-specific education and training, all aimed to grow and improve businesses.
We are incredibly grateful for the mention and kind words by both organizations. Thank you to NWFA and AFA for your support!
You can read the full article in Hardwood Floors here.
The full article by Fencepost Magazine is on page 38 of their Third Quarter publication, or you can read it here.
Check out the American Jobs for American Heroes campaign by visiting our website today!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

U.S. Senators Call Hiring our Heroes a “Win-Win”

When the Department of Homeland Security needs help finding skilled workers to run the security equipment and technology to protect our borders, who do they turn to?
Their top choice for the job is National Guard members, reservists, and veterans, as Rick Maze of the Army Times reported earlier today.
In fact, the Department of Homeland Security has advocated for an amendment in the Senate that would offer signing bonuses, incentives, and even student loan repayment to veterans who take border security jobs.
According to Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AK) and Sen. Mike Johanns (R-NE), passing the amendment this week was a no-brainer. For Sen. Johanns, a co-sponsor of the legislation, it is “a win-win amendment that encourages our current and former military service members to pursue jobs in border security, adding to the ranks of highly trained professionals dedicated to protecting our nation’s border.”
Sen. Pryor, another co-sponsor of the amendment, agreed with his colleague and added that “we need the best and brightest to stand guard at our border, and I can think of no individuals better trained for this role than our military members and veterans. They've shown time and time again that they’re dedicated to serving our nation.”
The amendment, S. 744, The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, will now be sent to the full Senate for debate as part of a major immigration bill. Senate leaders hope to reach a decision on the bill by the end of June.
If passed, the bill would offer those who take a full-time job as a border patrol agent up to $80,000 in repayment of student loans, along with their full salary. Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security would offer recruitment, relocation, and retention bonuses.
This legislation is just one example of ways to put the skills of American service members to use in today's workforce. The American Jobs for American Heroes campaign is working with employers around the country to find opportunities for the unique and valuable skills that our heroes bring home from combat.
To help us find jobs for National Guard members, reservists, and veterans, please take a look at the American Jobs for American Heroes website today.

Friday, June 14, 2013

National Guard Fast Facts

If you were following us on Twitter this week, you probably noticed that we were sharing some Fast Facts about the brave men and women who make up the US National Guard.  If you missed them, here they are.

  • The unemployment rate for members of the National Guard is hovering about 20%, 2x rate of all military veterans as a group.
  • There are more than 60,000 unemployed National Guard members looking for jobs right now.
  • Only one in four applicants makes it into the National Guard.
  • The National Guard provides 107 types of training.
  • Of the 60,000+ unemployed members, about half are 30 years old or younger.
  • The National Guard is the oldest part of the military, it's 376 years old.
  • The National Guard operates the air defense system protecting Washington DC.
  • 50,000 Guardsmembers helped the Gulf states after Hurricane Katrina.
  • Twenty US presidents have served in the militia or the National Guard.
  • On any given day, an average of 4700 National Guard members are away from home in support of national security.
  • The army national guard has fought in every war in American history.

  • Remember to follow AJAH on Twitter to keep up to date on our campaign to connect veterans, members of the National Guard, reservists and their families with American employers.  Follow us and help us find jobs for heroes - @USJobs4USHeroes

    Understand the Federal Tax Benefiting for Hiring Veterans, National Guard Members and Reservists

    Check out this free publication prepared for AJAH by Caplin & Drysdale.  It provides a clear and concise understanding of the federal tax benefits for hiring and employing veterans, members of the National Guard and reservists.  In addition, it gives unique, step-by-step guidance.

    What's more - It even includes links to the required IRS and DoL forms employers need to submit.  With this guide in hand, your business can quickly and easily decide if your company is eligible for tax benefits and learn and how to file.  Download it here to get more information on -

    • Returning Heroes Tax Credit
    • Wounded Warrior Tax Credit
    • Activated Military Reservist Credit for Small Businesses
    • Federal Empowerment Zone Employment Credit
    The guide comes recommended by US Senator Max Baucus, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.  In the publication's Forward he writes, “I am glad to recommend to employers everywhere that they make a special effort to hire our veterans.  I’m also glad to recommend this employer tax credit guide as a convenient and reliable way to learn about the significant federal tax benefits available to employers who hire veterans.  The American Jobs for America’s Heroes campaign has made it easy to understand how to qualify for and successfully claim the employer tax credits in these federal programs.”

    Tuesday, June 11, 2013

    New South Carolina National Guard Program Cuts Veteran Unemployment Rates

    SC National Guard soldier Jonathan LeBlanc recently
    found a job with Moore Quality Builders
    An innovative new program in South Carolina has drastically lowered unemployment rates among National Guard members and Reservists over the past year.

    But how has South Carolina succeeded while so many other states’ unemployment rates remain far too high? Jeff Wilkinson of South Carolina's The State decided to interview the minds behind the program and find out more in his story this Saturday.
    The state's Guard’s Employment Services program takes a simple approach to help veterans: build their relationships with potential employers. Col. Ronald Taylor, director of the S.C. Guard’s Service Member and Family Care programs, says that “prior to the program, employers who wanted to hire might not have been aware of qualified Guard employees, and vice versa.”
    Gen. Robert Livingston, Jr., the state’s Guard commander, agreed: ‘It was just a matter of matching them up.”

    This simple, yet innovative, approach has plummeted the unemployment rate for soldiers from 16% to 4.7% in just two years. Wilkinson writes that by combining training workshops to teach service members how to prepare for civilian jobs with outreach to potential employers searching for skilled workers, South Carolina’s program has successfully fit together the two crucial pieces in its state’s unemployment puzzle.
    The American Jobs for American Heroes campaign has used this same strategy to improve employment opportunities for service members.  With the support of state chambers of commerce, trade associations and major corporations, as well as a recruiters, career counselors, and employment-readiness training, the campaign team helps connect many military personnel with American employers.
    We need more efforts like these across all 50 states.  Employers and those who want to support the troops can learn more about the American Jobs for American Heroes program by visiting our website today.
    To read Jeff Wilkinson's full article, click here.

    Monday, June 10, 2013

    Veterans and Entrepreneurs: Returning Soldiers Create New Job Opportunities

    The United States’ economic downturn has affected millions of families over the past few years. Many Americans cannot find the jobs that they need, and companies are having a hard time finding the right people to work for them. Nowhere is this problem more obvious than with members of the National Guard. Their unemployment rate is around 20%, far higher than the national average. And, there are more than 60,000 highly qualified but unemployed National Guard members looking for jobs right now.
    Robert Rummels signs 1 of his 15 new customers at a trade show

    But, if you ask any National Guard member or reservist today if they have given up hope in finding the right job for them, what would they say?
    Shobana Chandra of Bloomberg News gives us their answer: “Always ready, always there,” and prepared to face any challenge.
    In her recent article for Bloomberg News Online, “Soldiers Turn Entrepreneurs as One Million Exit Military,” Chandra focuses on how well the skills reservists and National Guard members learn in the military translate into the professional sector. Despite the frustrations of unemployment, the soldiers she interviewed return to their “always ready” mantra and adapt to the hurdles of the business world.
    Chandra highlights the story of Kevin Safley, a National Guard member who served twice in Iraq and came back from his tour to find that  his job at a crane company in Portland had disappeared. Even with no prospects of employment, Safley knew he could use the skills he learned in the military for his benefit. So, after telling himself over and over, “if I don’t give up, things will work out,” Safley opened his own auto care franchise in Vancouver this last year.
    Safley’s example is not an unique one for our returning troops. Chandra reports that veterans today own about 2.4 million businesses and employ 5.8 million workers. Mary Thompson, a veteran who now serves as president of Waco-based Mr. Rooster LLC, attributes this success to the multitude of “skills that translate over” from the military to the business world.
    Robert Rummels, a former Army Ranger and another figure in Chandra's story, agrees. When he started his own pest-control franchise after returning from a tour of duty this year, he used his military training in a new setting. He says that when he goes to work, “it feels like I’m on patrol. This time, I have a new enemy. Mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.”
    But, with over one million troops expected to return home from duty in the next year, not every soldier will be able to start his or her own business. Our returning heroes will need all of the help they can to show companies they are the right people for the job, and that they can be the solution for the skilled worker shortage in the U.S. today.
    Our mission at American Jobs for American Heroes is to do just that. We connect skilled veterans with employers who have unfilled jobs, and make sure our heroes have an easy transition from military to professional life through job training and career counseling.
    If you are interested in supporting our nation's heroes in their mission to find the right jobs to support themselves and their families, or if you are a company interested in hiring veterans to fill your job needs, please take a look at the American Jobs for American Heroes website today.

    To read Shobhana Chandra's full article at Bloomberg News, click here.

    Friday, June 7, 2013

    Spotlight on Supporters: Empire State

    One of the best things about the American Jobs for America's Heroes campaign is that it brings together a wide range of supporters from all across the country united in the mission of helping our heroes find employment.

    Being a campaign supporter is fast, easy, and FREE!  And there are so many ways to get involved.  Many of our campaign supporters are associations and membership groups who have decided to support AJAH by posting our logo and link to our campaign homepage on their website and sending our materials to their members.

    Today, we're giving you the opportunity to learn more about some of the people who are helping our heroes.  Here are three different and interesting supporters from the great state of New York.

    The Associated New York State Food Processors is the oldest statewide food processing trade association in the U.S.  The Association is based in Spencerport, NY and it includes a major portion of the state processed food industry.  And the list of processors is extensive!  It includes fruits, vegetables, wine, and food specialty items.  The association also includes canners and refrigerated warehouse companies.  Current membership is about 250 companies.  We are grateful for their efforts to support AJAH by including links in the groups monthly newsletter and is distributing AJAH flyers at its membership meetings.

    The Eastern New York Coalition of Automotive Retailers (ENYCAR) is an association representing car retailers and affiliated businesses in 13 northeast counties of New York State. ENYCAR helps AJAH by sending information and links to member companies in its monthly newsletter. 

    The Central New York Society for Human Resources Management (CNY SHRM) is a professional society comprised of 700 members from about 400 companies in the greater Syracuse, New York area. CNY SHRM has posted the AJAH logo and links to its home page.  In addition, they printed our logo and a link on the front page of the Society's October 2012 chapter newsletter.

    Join these supporters from the Empire State as well the many other friends of our campaign by registering to post open jobs for veterans and members of the US National Guard.

    Florida Governor Asks Senate Not to Cut National Guard Pay

    Florida Governor Rick Scott asked his state's two senators, Sen. Bill Nelson and Sen. Marco Rubio, not to allow sequestration budget cuts to lower National Guard pay by 20% this Wednesday. Scott wrote Rubio and Nelson a letter requesting that the Senators pressure the Office of Budget and Management and the Defense Department to restore National Guard funding.

    As a result of across-the-board sequestration cuts passed by Congress in 2011, the budgets of defense programs that coordinate National Guard activity in every state have been dramatically reduced.

    However, the Senators have jointly denied Gov. Scott's request, and it seems as if the pay cuts will go ahead.

    This could be especially devastating as the state of Florida often relies on Guardsmen and women to respond to natural disasters.  And forecasters predict that 7 to 11 hurricanes and 13 to 20 storms with winds over 39 mph will occur this season.

    Florida Senate President Don Gaetz agreed with Gov. Scott in a public statement yesterday: "Isn't it the height of irony to say, "Thank you for your service and, by the way, we’re cutting your pay when you’re coming home from a war zone." He added that he will continue to search for ways to get the attention of the federal government.

    With sequestration cuts affecting National Guard programs and military families across the country, there is no better time to help our servicemen and women.

    American Jobs for American Heroes is a campaign working to make sure military veterans and spouses have the resources and opportunities to find the jobs that they need to support their families during these hard times. More than 3.5 million have benefited from the program's job training and recruiter placement services, but many more still need our help. To learn more about the program please visit our website today.

    Maine National Guardsmen Awarded Soldier's Medal

    An incredible story came to a close this Monday when two members of the Maine National Guard, Sgt. First Class Joel D. Carver and Sgt. Mark A. Connor, were honored with the Soldier's Medal.

    Last March, the two soldiers took a detour from their training mission at Camp Lejune, North Carolina, to rescue two injured and unconscious passengers from a burning car. Before emergency crews could respond to the accident, the guardsmen had pulled the passengers from the overturned car and out to safety.

    The Soldier's Medal is our nation's highest non-combat award for valor. According to a statement from the National Guard, "The medal is awarded to any individual whom while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States, performs an act involving personal hazard or danger and the voluntary risk of life while not in conflict with an armed enemy." 

    Sergeants Carver and Connor risked their lives to protect two strangers, but to them it was all part of their job. As Sgt. Connor puts it, his heroism is just "what anybody would do" in their situation. In fact, the soldiers said that receiving so much attention for their act was "overwhelming and humbling."

    But, these guardsmen are simply not like anybody else. The story of Sergeants Carver and Connor provides a great example of the continued heroism members of the National Guard bring out of their combat experience and into their everyday lives.  The skills and traits they have honed over years of commitment to saving lives and defending our country make them very unique members of civilian society and especially valuable employees.

    If you are interested in giving back to those who give so much to our nation, please visit the American Jobs for American Heroes website. Together, we can ensure that our nation's heroes have the opportunities for employment that they deserve.

    Wednesday, June 5, 2013

    Spotlight on Supporters: Finger Lakes Advanced Manufacturers' Enterprise and

    We have two brand new supporters that we are thrilled to report have joined the cause -

    First, the Finger Lakes Advanced Manufacturers' Enterprise (FAME).  FAME is made up of New York regional stakeholders including advanced manufacturing companies, regional educators, economic development leaders, workforce planners and leaders, job seekers and students.  We are very excited to see the AJAH logo on their website and hear that they are encouraging their many members to post available jobs and hire heroes!

    Secondly, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce has jumped on board bringing the number of Chambers who support our cause to more than 50%.  We were very pleased that they dedicated space on their Military Affairs Committee page to promote our new campaign video and encourage their members to post jobs.

    You can join the numerous supporters of AJAH by visiting the Center for America website.

    New York Chamber of Commerce Sponsors National Guard Job Fair

    The New York Chamber of Commerce is hosting a job fair for its "Hiring Our Heroes" initiative today.

    The New York job fair is similar to many other events hosted by Chambers of Commerce around the country, and will continue to build on the popularity of the program thus far. Since launching in March of 2011, the "Hiring Our Heroes" program has hosted over 540 job fairs and helped more than 100,000 veterans and military spouses find jobs.

    Today's job fair features over 60 employers, a rèsume writing workshop, and classroom session to teach job interview techniques. To read more about attending the event, you can click here.

    While the "Hiring Our Heroes" program is well on its way to achieving its goal of helping 500,000 veterans find jobs, there is still significant work to be done. Unemployment rates for veterans and members of the National Guard are far higher than the average unemployment rate. Our veterans are skilled, dedicated professionals who have an immense amount to offer the professional sector, but the transition from military to civilian life is often difficult.

    The American Jobs for American Heroes campaign is focused on job creation and job readiness for the U.S. military. Our nation's soldiers make huge sacrifices during their time in active duty, and we believe that they should not have to sacrifice opportunities for employment when they return home. To learn more about our cause and how to help our servicemen and women, please visit the American Jobs for American Heroes website today.