Thursday, August 15, 2013

Phillips 66, Lead National Corporate Sponsor of Our Campagin, Ranked as #1 Socially Responsible Employer by Students

Over the weekend, some big news came out about Phillips 66, the lead national corporate sponsor of the American Jobs for America's Heroes campaign.

In a survey of more than 20,800 business students at 320 colleges nationwide, Phillips 66 was ranked as the employer with the strongest degree of social responsibility.

The survey, conducted by research and advisory firm Universum, determined which American companies or organizations students deemed most ideal to work for and why.  The survey found that corporate social responsibility was an important determinant for students.

This is great news for Phillips 66 and we at the American Jobs for America's Heroes campaign are not surprised to hear it.  After all, it is through the company's support that our campaign is able to help the 60,000+ unemployed members of the National Guard.  

In the United States today, about 20% of National Guard members are unemployed.  In one state, National Guard unemployment has soared to about 40%.

Phillips 66 thinks those numbers are unacceptable.  They believe that the brave men and women who have courageously and selflessly fought for our country should be able to find civilian work upon their return.  So they have taken action by supporting our campaign, providing resources to build an alliance that offers a myriad of free services to both employers and applicants.

Watch our video which features representatives from Phillips 66 talking about their dedication to helping our returning heroes find jobs.

Congratulations to Phillips 66 on a well deserved recognition!

Learn more about our campaign and how you can join Phillips 66 in committing to those who have shown unwavering commitment to our nation by visiting the Center for America website.

Friday, August 9, 2013

New Campaign Flyer Shows Diverse Skills of Guard Members

A new flyer for our campaign to connect members of the US National Guard with American employers makes the case that Guard members are qualified for just about any job out there.

These are real photos of National Guard members during drills, events and natural disaster situations.

Check them out and see the skills they demonstrate.  Then sign up to post jobs for unemployed Guard members on the Center for America website.