Wednesday, March 13, 2013

American Jobs for America's Heroes

In the United States today, about 20% of National Guard members are unemployed.  In one state, National Guard unemployment has soared to about 40%.

It is unacceptable that the brave men and women who have courageously and selflessly fought for our country are unable to find civilian work upon their return.

Now, companies, trade associations, and state chambers across the country are helping the 60,000+ unemployed members of the National Guard by participating in this national nonprofit campaign - American Jobs for America's Heroes.  This alliance provides a myriad of free services to both employers and applicants.

Here's how it works -

The first step for employers is to register on  This process will take about 10 minutes.

After registering, employers will receive a call within two business days from a representative of Corporate American Supports You (CASY), a campaign alliance nonprofit.  CASY and the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) will help employers post open jobs and tailor their job descriptions to be understood by applicants with a military background.  We don't want jobs or candidates to be overlooked because of jargon used by one side that is misunderstood by the other!

The available jobs are then posted on the National Guard Employment Network online Job Database and distributed to National Guard employment counselors and nonprofits across the country.  These counselors work directly with unemployed National Guard members and look for matches between the job postings and candidates.  The counselors contact the employers to refer candidates.  In addition, applicants searching the job database themselves can also contact employers.

This program is special because it unites many different groups to provide extensive personal help and coaching to both applicants and employers.  Through this process, American Jobs are found for America's Heroes.

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