Monday, July 8, 2013

A Day Without Pay

As people around the country return to their jobs after the Fourth of July weekend, thousands of National Guard and Reserve soldiers are wondering if they will be able to keep theirs.
This week marks the first round of defense furloughs, a part of Congress’s automatic budget cuts. While the full impact of the cuts have not yet been announced, over 650,000 people employed by the Defense Department will be forced to take 11 days without pay between today and September.
Unfortunately, the problems may not stop at the end of this year. The Defense Department is only allowed to give employees 22 furlough days a year, so if Congress allows the same automatic budget cuts to continue without cuts in spending, the day off for employees may turn into a layoff.
It will not be easy for any military family to adjust to these pay cuts - Cuts that some experts say will amount to 20% of a soldier's salary.

To read more about the upcoming budget cuts, check out yesterday’s Washington Post report on defense furloughs here.
The American Jobs for American Heroes campaign was founded to help members of the National Guard and veterans find stable, civilian employment, something that proves more significant with the growing uncertainty coming from Washington.
The upcoming budget cuts mean that National Guard members will need our help more than ever. If you are already a supporter of our campaign, please share our organization’s information with anyone searching for an opportunity to help American veterans. If you are not yet a member of our campaign, take a look at our website and follow us on Twitter - @USJobs4USHeroes

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