Thursday, April 18, 2013

Texas National Guard Responds to Fertilizer Plant Explosion in Texas

Earlier this week, we wrote about members of the Boston National Guard and Guard members from other, nearby states responding to the horrific attacks at the Boston marathon.
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Last night, a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant rocked the small town of West, Texas.  The plant is located near a residential area and early reports indicate that between five and 15 people were killed and over 160 people were injured in the blast.

As with the marathon early this week, National Guard members lived up to their "Always Ready, Always There" motto and were among the first responders.

The Associated Press reported this morning that about 20 members of the Texas National Guard were on the scene.

According to the report, the unit on-hand typically has mobile labs and can perform air monitoring while also assessing chemical and biological hazards at disasters.

This is another terrible tragedy and another reminder to be grateful for the constant readiness and willingness of the US National Guard members.

Take a moment to show your gratitude by registering to submit jobs and hire heroes on the Center for America website.

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